Amy G.

Washington, United States

Her Courageous Journey with Multiple Sclerosis and Pregnancy.

For the past 10 years, Amy has worked as a Community Pharmacist and dedicated her life to caring for other people. Today, I am submitting this Comeback story to support Amy and inspire others by sharing her strength, courage, and triumph.

Amy's family, patients, and friends would all describe her as a funny, strong, and beautiful woman, who always exudes dynamic positivity and optimism. Not only does she make work fun yet professional (like a Peloton instructor), she has an infectious, genuine, and caring personality, that builds trust with her patients and keeps them coming back for their medication and vaccination needs.

With Amy's constantly cheerful demeanor, it would be shocking to people who know her that she has been battling an autoimmune disorder, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), for almost half of her life. Despite being diagnosed with this disabling disease she has fought incredibly hard to live her dreams. While she continues infusion treatments to keep MS at bay, it has impacted and continues to impact her daily life.

Recently, Amy and her husband welcomed Chloe, a sweet, and healthy baby girl, into their lives. While excited to start a new family, Amy made the difficult decision to cease MS treatments being unsafe for the developing fetus.

After delivery of Chloe, scans have found lesions developing in her brain indicating worsening of MS. She is devastated and despite her worsening MS symptoms and postpartum depression, Amy's gone back to work to support her patients. With a demanding family life, work, and the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been especially challenging for her to find time to take care of herself. Amy has hip, knee, and joint pain (some of the many symptoms of MS), and the Peloton bike would empower and inspire her to take care of herself, both mentally and physically. She's committed her life to taking care of thousands and thousands of people, and in order to continue doing so, she could use some help keep her light shining bright!


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