David G.

South Carolina

Help This Warrior Ride

I am submitting this on behalf of David. I am his Community Support Specialist through Neuro Community Care. David was a Sergeant First Class serving in the US Army. On Feb, 23 2007 David sustained a shot to the head while on patrol in Bagdad Iraq. While still on the field he sustained further injuries from an explosion., miraculously David survived. Over the next several years David underwent 13 different surgeries to rebuild the side of his head. In 2009 while undergoing rehab at Fort Hood Texas David started to ride a recumbent bike. Due to balance issues caused by his injuries David could not ride an upright bike.

After several more years of rehab David enrolled in 2013 as a history major at Clemson University. While this was very ambitious he received his degree in August, 2018. Unfortunately on the way home from his graduation David’s parents were in an Auto Accident. His mom didn’t make it.

In July 2019 David was finally able to successfully ride an upright bike. Unfortunately frequent Migraines and weather related health issues prevent David from pursuing his love of riding most days. A Peloton would greatly enhance the quality of David’s fitness and daily life. Please consider him for a comeback bike.


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