Brandon K.

Wisconsin, United States

Heart attack HeartBreak

Last year my brother had a heart attack at the ripe old age of 39. He just got done from a volleyball game-my brother is an incredibly fit person who owns his own construction company- when he started not to feel well. He made it to his vehicle and called 911. He was brought to the local hospital who could not perform the heart surgery he needed. He was then transported to another hospital to have a stent put in. When I received the call about him being transported I honestly figured he was having an anxiety attack, as I did not imagine him having a heart attack. Currently, his heart is working at 40% and that is now its full capacity. He attended cardiac rehab but was short of breath afterward and was re-hospitalized. His only cardio activity is riding a bike. I think he would be great to receive a peloton so he can continue to strengthen his heart as he has many more years to live. At this time due to covid he is not leaving his house as the virus would likely kill him. He continues to try to work as my brother and his wife and kids are in a very low socioeconomic class. He has been working a few construction jobs but is not able to work in the same way he used to. In my opinion, it would be great for him and his entire family to have access to cardio exercise right in their home. Having access to heart rate monitors on the bike and being able to work within his zones would really help him with his longterm recovery. This bike isn't to help him lose weight or feel more attractive or to get his booty tight (that's why I got my bike) it's to help his heart and help him find a way out of the post-heart attack depression. I don't think anyone is prepared for a heart attack at 39 and the risk of suicide and depression for young heart attack survivors is incredibly high. Thank you for hearing his story.


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