Haley M.

Colorado, United States

Haley's Journey

I'm so proud of the progress that my beautiful 26 year old daughter, Haley, has made since she had a life changing climbing accident. In November 2017 she and a group of friends were climbing in the Utah desert when she had a catastrophic fall. She sheered the talus bone in her left ankle and incurred major ligament and tendon damage. Her friends carried her over a mile to their vehicle, then drove her to the nearest Emergency Room. After the ER doctor assessed and stabilized her trauma, Haley was referred to the hospital, where she found an excellent surgeon. During several surgeries they were able to reconstruct Haley's ankle with the aid of a donor's bone, pins and wires. She has had much pain and physical therapy since the operations, but she has managed to keep her smile through it all. We cried when she took a first step, and bawled when she ran 20 feet. Although Haley still walks with a limp, we are optimistic that she can regain greater mobility and function in her foot and ankle. We are grateful that she is happy and quite frankly, can walk at all. Haley is still a young woman who works very hard and never feels sorry for herself. A Peloton bike would allow Haley to exercise in a way that does not stress her ankle in the way that running and climbing does. She has always been very active and misses climbing and running. She and I believe that she would benefit greatly from the movement of the pedaling, the online yoga classes, and most importantly, the amazingly supportive Peloton community. I want to THANK PELOTON for giving me the opportunity to share my daughter's story.


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