Kayla A.

Oklahoma, United States

With a Grateful Heart

Kayla was my very first friend as a military spouse, and over the past decade of our husbands' service in the Army, she has remained my closest friend and a woman whose strength I admire greatly. From the day we first met, Kayla was the kind of person to pour herself out to those around her. Life as a military spouse is difficult, and she has always been present to support me, whether physically by my side or while stationed on the other side of the world. Even thousands of miles away, Kayla was there to lift me up through the suicide of my brother last year, one of the darkest times of my life.

Kayla has endured more than her share of challenges throughout the years. She has cared for and raised her children, often alone during her husband’s deployments and military schools. Between multiple duty stations, she has said goodbye to friends and family, lost her father to ALS, struggled with isolation and the challenge of connecting with others, and has set aside her own dreams and ambitions to support her husband’s career and be present for her children. Most recently, she has committed herself to homeschooling her son with special educational needs. Through all she has endured, I am in awe that it is always with a smile and a grateful heart.

Giving so much of herself to her family and those around her has left Kayla with little for herself, though she greatly desires and deserves to make her own wellbeing a priority once again. Personally, I cannot express enough how much my Peloton Bike and the community surrounding it has saved my own physical and mental health as both a mother and military spouse. Not only has Peloton afforded me the ability to regain my physical fitness in the convenience of my home while caring for my children, but it has also connected me to an amazing community of people from all over the world who motivate and support me. I would love nothing more than to help bless Kayla with the same gift of health that Peloton has provided me.



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