Isabel K.

New York

Glam-Ma on a mission

My mom, Isabel, is one of the most caring, inspirational women. I know everyone says that about their mom but there’s no doubt her story will stand out. About 27 years ago my mom ventured into this country from the Dominican Republic with two small kid’s myself and my 4 month old brother. She didn’t know the language and left her whole career of being a medical doctor back in DR. She made it a mission to put her needs of her kids above her own by taking care of her three children and husband and not reentering the medical field even after all those years of medical training. A few years back, she took a chance and entered into a technical school to learn English and get an associates degree in medical billing which then went onto a a bachelors in public health, which in her late 40s/early 50s she graduated with 4.0 GPA every time and top of her class. She never gave up - her resilience is incredible. Even with all these obstacles in front of her- from language barriers, age barriers and raising a family she was still able to accomplish something most people wouldn’t even try or give up half way and say it was too difficult/too late. Although she still hasn’t had the opportunity to renter the medical field full time, she has a love for being healthy and I don’t see anyone more deserving of this bike. She will appreciate this bike taking her on on a new journey. She has a passion for everyone’s well being and caring for others. She deserves any opportunity to take of herself as well. She is now a grandma, although she is says is a Glam-Ma but to us she is just a Boss lady on a mission! We love you!



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