David L.


A gift to the giver.

My brother has always been a super outgoing guy. A standout athlete in high school, he kept right on going into college. He played rugby there and when he graduated he was always organizing the golf outing or softball team with friends. There are countless stories of him leading the charge on and off the field.
True to form, when my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s, my brother moved in and cared for him until he passed. It was three years and a gradual decline but tough to be around 24/7. Losing my Dad took a toll on my brother. It has only been in the last few months that he has started to regain that old sparkle. But he was recently diagnosed with psoriasis. Joining a gym and getting out to exercise is tough for him. His skin condition flares up and he has to wait for it to get under control before he feels ready to start working out in public again. A Peleton bike would give him the flexibility to work out when his psoriasis is under control, and give him the community he so needs right now to motivate him. This would be such an amazing gift to a guy who put his life on hold to care for our father. I would love to see what he picks for his leader board name- lord help us all- it will be hilarious.


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