Geoffrey H.

Kentucky, United States

Geoffrey's Comeback

You can easily spot him in a crowded room. Geoffrey is the guy who has the biggest smile on his face and immediately, you would want to call him “Sugar Bear” (Sugar Bear is the cartoon character of a bear featured in Sugar Smacks cereal advertisements). He is tall with broad shoulders and has a very charismatic persona. One can easily feel a sense of joy, peace and friendliness once meeting him. In December 2017, Geoffrey had to face one of the toughest challenges in his life. Geoffrey suffered a stroke. He was hospitalized for over a month. This would be our first holiday apart from each other. The stroke impaired Geoffrey’s left side and caused some speech impairment. He was lucky he did not require a lot of therapy, but his doctor stated the stroke was from poor diet, lack of exercise and inadequate rest.

Geoffrey’s stroke devastated me. He is my teddy bear and I began to question why did this happen. I recently purchased a Peloton and shared my excitement of being part of the Peloton family. He has grit and determination. Geoffrey would continue to thrive in this amazing fitness program.


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