Akosua T.

Florida, United States

Fighting for the Future

I began 2021 optimistic about what the future would hold, never expecting a fight for my life to be a part of the plan. The day before my 34th birthday my battle with breast cancer began. I went to my doctor for what I thought was a swollen lymph node. The doctor said it was probably nothing but sent me for imaging just to be sure. Imaging turned to more imaging, biopsies, and the call. The lymph node was actually an aggressive type of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- breast cancer.  

Though unexpected I am taking this head on and am eager to get back to a more normal life. After chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, then additional chemotherapy is complete, my goal is to live a healthy life and be able to watch my two vibrant young daughters grow up. Everyday I tell them, "little girl you'll change the world. This I now for sure." I will do whatever I can to be here to see it.

Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle will reduce my chances of a cancer recurrence. With COVID, my compromised immune system, and the need to avoid the sun due to treatment, exercise in a gym or outside impossible. A Peloton would allow me to comeback from cancer peddling strong and ready to move forward in life.


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