Felisa M.

Alabama, United States

Fight Like A Mother

My name is Kendra, and I am submitting this story on behalf of my mom, Lisa. Several Fridays ago, I called my mom to sing happy birthday. I'm not a singer, but it's family tradition. Our birthdays are a week apart, and we like to keep it corny :). As soon as my mom answered the phone, I knew something was wrong. There was no singing. Earlier that afternoon, my mom had been diagnosed with cancer.

I sobbed for days on end. 2021 was supposed to be our year. I was supposed to get married in January. My mom, a single parent who never got to have a wedding of her own, was going to walk me down the aisle. As COVID made it clear that my wedding was unlikely to proceed as planned, we rescheduled for 2022. My mom and I were disappointed, but undeterred. We held on to high hopes for 2021. But then . . . cancer?

My mom has since had surgery to remove the mass, and is in physical therapy to rebuild her strength and agility. She's a fighter, and I am so proud, but I feel especially helpless during the pandemic. I cannot see my mom in person as I live across the country and I would not want to put her at unnecessary risk. She has always been intrigued by my bike, looking to "test it out" whenever she could visit. I would love for her to have the opportunity to share the Peloton experience with me, both for the physical and mental benefits. Although it will be some time before we can walk down the aisle together, clipping in together might just be the next best thing.


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