Michelle F.

South Carolina

The Endo Fight: Healing my body, mind and soul

I have attempted to write this story many times, stopping, starting, deleting, questioning. My husband and best friend have encouraged me to think of myself, to do something for me, put myself first for a change. In July of 2015 I was diagnosed with PCOS. With a 4.5 year old running around, my doctor put me on bed rest for a week as I dealt with the pain of 4 cysts rupturing. I felt like the worst mother ever. Fall 2015, I was in an incredible amount of pain that was so debilitating and severe that it made standing and walking difficult at times. As a teacher, standing and walking is a must. I pushed through the pain, I had to be there for my students. That December I was diagnosed with Endometriosis during a surgical procedure to remove a cyst. The surgery removed endometriosis that had implanted, lesions, and adhesions that pulled two organs together. Scar tissue was left behind. I was exhausted but thankful for a diagnosis. I was given the opportunity to take my dream teaching job and we moved that following summer. I required another ablation surgery in November of 2016 after the endometriosis grew on a tendon, making almost every step hurt. Spring of 2019, the pain returned with all its might. Knowing that having a second child was not in our books after devastating miscarriages), I had a hysterectomy. With the pain returning, the drive to take care of me is growing. I want to be a better mom, wife, sister, daughter, teacher, advisor and friend. Peloton would allow me the flexibility to exercise anytime without losing as much family time. The variety of classes will help me find focus through meditation and yoga to heal emotionally while working to strengthen my body by cycling, and participating in strength classes. The cost of multiple surgeries, doctors appointments and tests have been draining financially. Being a Peloton Comeback Recipient would be the greatest blessing as I embark on this journey to becoming the best me I can be.


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