Barb S.


Deserving Foster Parents

My parents, Barb and Dennis, started a family the "usual" way. A few years after the birth of their first son, after many miscarriages, they had their 2nd child. A daughter named Abigail. Abby was born at 24 weeks due to my mother developing pre-eclampsia. 2 weeks later Abby was in the arms of Jesus. Knowing another pregnancy would be too dangerous my parents felt they were being led to become foster parents. Over the last 29 years my parents have adopted 10 children and fostered over 100 babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers. Raising children from broken and traumatic backgrounds has not been easy on them, but they have never given up on any of us. They are the first people we call when we need someone. They are always willing to help those in need, even though they don't have much to give. In Oct 2016 my parents were dealt another devastating blow. One of the kids my parents tried to help set fire to their house. They felt confused and betrayed. My parents like to help people, they don't like to have to ask for help. Having to rebuild their lives was really hard for them, especially since that meant the had to rely on other people. Everything they owned was destroyed and their peace of mind was gone. Even after everything that happened, my parents continue to foster children. My parents are the most selfless people I know and they don't deserve what was done to them. My mother would love a Peloton, but would never be able to afford one on her own. I also know that even if she could, she would never spend the money on herself. I would love for them to have this bike to be able to focus on their physical and mental health and have something that is just for them.



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