Lauren R.

New York, United States

Daughter with autism, husband with cancer and going through IVF

I’m writing to nominate one of the strongest, most loyal friend/woman/mother that I’ve had the privilege of knowing. One of my best friends Lauren. You see, Lauren has had many hardships in the last few years but that has never stopped her from fighting and being the best friend and caretaker. I have attached her story that she wrote for “Love What Matters” detailing the way her daughter, Chloe, was bullied by a “friend” of Lauren’s. This “friend” had demanded that Chloe be removed from a local preschool because she would cry and get overwhelmed. This “friend” was also aware that Chloe was in the process of being evaluated for autism. All while Lauren was having Chloe evaluated she and her husband decided to move forward with IVF. They had to use IVF because her husband was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer when Chloe was 9 months old and with his treatment protocol they were told to harvest sperm and use IVF. They were thrilled that IVF had worked the first try! But sadly the excitement was replaced with worry when they found out during her pregnancy that his cancer has returned and Chloe officially received her autism diagnoses. With all this hardship Lauren has remained a fighter advocating for the rights of people with autism. She is her husbands full time care giver since his cancer has returned for the third time. I would love for her to receive this bike. Many times she can’t leave her house as she’s home with her husband and waiting on home nurses. This bike has been such a wonderful community to me and I’m sure it would wonderful for her.


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