Carl A.


Conquering Parkinsons!

Hi, This is Carl. In 2008, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. After researching how he could treat and alleviate Parkinson's symptoms, we learned that exercise is the best form of treatment to help people live better with Parkinson's. Carl soon learned that even though he could not walk easily across a room and would freeze up and even fall, when he got on a bike, he could pedal and move! This was freeing! While on a bike, he felt no Parkinson symptoms and could ride for miles. This was his go to form of exercise. He met several other people with Parkinson's who were riding. They joined a few organized rides where they raised funds for Parkinson's research. Several of our children have picked up cycling and have joined him in a few events. As his Parkinson's is progressing, it is harder for him maintain balance when he gets on and off his bike and he sometimes falls while trying when he is stiff and his body has freezing episodes. He still tries to cycle. He wants to keep cycling. Training or even riding in general is harder for him as we live in Arizona and the Arizona heat in the summer is brutal! If he happens to fall getting on and off, it is even worse because the concrete is hot. This does not stop him! He wants to continue receiving the benefits from cycling. A stationary Peloton bike in our home would be perfect! It would allow him to exercise whenever he can and the bike being stationary would allow the ease of getting on and off without falls. Carl is an inspiration to many as he lives daily with Parkinson's and his attitude is contagious as he tries to stay positive and help those around him. He has said, that he would never wish Parkinson's on anyone, but he does wish that everyone could have some of the experiences that he has had living with Parkinson's.


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