Robert H.


A Community Minded Inspirer

In March of 2014, my father, Rob, suffered a fall while working on a garage door opener. A neighbor found him unresponsive on the concrete of the garage. After nearly a week in the hospital, he was discharged having suffered a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries have a variety of permanent symptoms and his included memory loss, severe headaches, speech impediments, and balance issues which require the use of a cane. After months of recovery and therapy it became painfully clear that he couldn’t continue his career in sales and talent development due to the injury. Faced with the loss of his sense of place in his career, he chose to use his talents for the community rather than sit at home and dwell. Rob helped found SENT Topeka, an organization that has invested in an at-risk community in Topeka, KS. His career skills translated perfectly for this volunteer based, non-profit where he serves on the Board of Directors and is in charge of Business Development. In addition, he provides career and life coaching for individuals who he personally invests in and takes great pride in their success. As a very selfless individual, he acted as temporary director during a transition of leadership and volunteered nearly daily ensuring that the community would continue to benefit. He did this at the expense of his own health and energy because he believed in giving back to the community.

I think about the group he started through his church that serves to encourage others who have suffered life changing injuries. His story inspires them to not give up during the worst of times. I think a Peloton would allow him to focus on his own health which has been neglected in recent years as he has focused his energy for the betterment of the community. I truly believe a Peloton would encourage him to focus on his own health and would be mentally stimulating. My father is extremely deserving of this honor as his comeback story has inspired others around him.


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