Manu G.


Coming back every single day

My 18-year old son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Google it. He played and moved like anyone else when he was young. As time passes, his muscles continue to deteriorate. He can no longer walk, stand, raise his arms, sit up in bed, roll over in bed and so much more. Of course, breathing requires muscles and the heart is a muscle. Yet, his ferocity and joy in living life to the fullest is an inspiration to many, having given incredible speeches at fund raisers. But I suspect that he inspires no one more than me. It has brought clarity to me on what matters. Just as he empowers me, I am 100% committed to empower him. I am his muscle and do everything possible, every day, to build myself to meet that commitment. Duchenne is a disease that you don't wish on your worst enemy. It's a disease that you need to fight every single day. Every day is a comeback. I have tried the Peloton bike at my gym, and it's become a part of my daily comeback story. That story is powered by my son, but that daily comeback is guided brilliantly by instructors like Robin Arzon and Ally Love. Their fire builds me both on and off the bike. Having access to a bike at home to use on my schedule and 365 days a year would be incredible. Congratulations to all of you on not just building a piece of machinery, but on teaching a lifestyle that values motivation, drive, intensity and passion via that machinery.


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