Katie R.

California, United States

The Comeback Katie

I would love to be the recipient of this amazing product, and help get my health back. I was an avid softball and soccer player who was sidelined with Breast Cancer... at 32 years old. A devastating blow that took me out physically (mentally and emotionally). I have always been an athlete and to sit, do nothing but heal from a double mastectomy while going through chemo was hard. I haven't been able to find a new routine that helps me drop the chemo weight but keeps me safe from my new chest restrictions. I have tried different training techniques and gyms, but I have always been more of an on my own work out person. I can't afford a personal trainer so I relied on a crash diet to help get me through our wedding (in October). We have since moved to a private house in the country and access to anything to help physicality (other than hikes, where my stamina isn't quite what it used to be) is hard to find. While we are on quarantine and I am working to protect my immune system, there isn't much I have in the way of help. I have some hand weights, a jump rope (that hurts the chest) and kettle bells (that hurt the chest). I really think Peloton can help! I think the level of exercise it provides can really help my mental state as well as physical state. It's been hard to watch the pounds easily be added, but not come off. I really hope you choose a candidate like myself. I would not take the opportunity for granted and I would love to have the opportunity to really own this experience. My husband and I have had to give up so much during this process, that I truly think a gift like this could give us some bright light where there hasn't been much during the majority of our relationship. We both would love the opportunity to exercise, advocate and change life for the better!



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