Stephen G.

Pennsylvania, United States

A Big Lovable Nurse with a Heart of Gold

I would like to nominate my husband Steve, who is an ICU nurse in Philadelphia, PA. For the last 8 years Steve has helped patients who are in the most critical of condition. He has held people’s hands while they were dying and cared for patients in the most dignified manner, even helping to cut a patient’s hair or shave their face when they were bed-bound. He has received countless letters from patient’s families, thanking him for his compassion while caring for their loved one. What makes all of this even more incredible is the fact that he lost his own brother six years ago and continues to be faced with the harsh reality of mortality every single day. He uses his own experience to help family members cope with the loss of their loved ones. He truly has a heart of gold that is immediately apparent the second you meet him and he makes a lasting impression on everyone he meets. As you can imagine, working in the ICU during a pandemic has magnified the stress of his job exponentially. Most of his patients have been/are COVID positive and terminally ill, so he has to help their families navigate those final moments away from their loved one, on the other side of a screen. I can see the mental exhaustion this has on him, day in and day out. All the while, we have had our own personal struggles as well. We have dreamed of starting a family and have been going through IVF this past year due to infertility. It has been a strain on us both, but exercise has helped us stay sane and grounded. Steve has always turned to physical fitness to help him cope with the mental strain that his job puts on him, so I can’t imagine anyone who would appreciate the gift of a Peloton more. I truly believe he is worthy of all the praise and recognition in the world. His co-workers are always raving about their Pelotons and doing challenges together, so I know he’d love to be a part of this amazing community for that reason as well!


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