Erika B.

Vermont, United States

Better version of me


I am a 43 year old mother of 4. I have battled extreme self confidence issues due to years of domestic abuse. In 2017 I had two of four foot surgeries to remove very painful bunions. During recovery from my second surgery I discovered that abusive husband Was having an affair. I then found myself in a very horrific divorce that left me financially ruined and emotionally broken, I suffered a severe staph infection that required my third emergency surgery and almost an amputation of my left foot. I have since made a full recovery. I was able to lose 160+ pounds with exercise/trail running and watching what I ate. I kept that off until I sustained a back injury in 2019 and I was unable to be as active and fell into a depression. I have since gained back 50 pounds. Which has now made me more determined then ever to get back to where I had worked so hard to get. I am hoping that you select me as I am now feeling mentally and physically healthy. I am finally able to get back to working out. I used to love riding and miss it so much. My best friend has a Peloton and I have watched her self confidence and physical body transformed by your amazing bike and I would be so honored to add the Peloton to my life. I am on a never ending journey to be a better me everyday. Thank you for considering me. I am available to answer any questions, my story is much longer and I am hopeful to help women and survivors of abuse.
*The picture I included is of me before, during and after losing 160+pounds. I have since gained back 50 pounds. I included this photo to show that I am determined and will use the peloton to the fullest extent possible.


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