Abe R.

New York, United States

Army injured Abe who now has Parkinsons and looking to make a comeback

My amazing father served in the Israeli army in the 60s. He sustained injuries and has a metal plate in his leg. He gave up all forms of exercise for many years. To add insult to injury, he now has Parkinsons and is unable to do normal things like getting dressed or using the bathroom by himself. His doctor told him that exercise may make him stronger and prolong his life. He was told to cycle and box. He started boxing (as seen in the attached image) and is hoping to start cycling at some point on the best cycling device ever made. He would absolutely love a Peloton. He is a man who has given his entire life (charity, time and anything else needed to anyone who asks). He has also set many couples up who are now happily married. It would be an amazing thing to have a good deed paid forward by awarding him a new Peloton bike. Thanks so very much for your kindness.



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