Alli C.

Tennessee, United States

Alli's Diagnosis is Worth Celebrating!

I've known Alli for 25 years. She was barely 21, her amazing mother died of skin, breast & brain cancer. Life for Alli since then has not been easy. Her family struggles financially, her weight gain has led to depression, her insurance is nearly nonexistent. In mid-2019, she called me to say she hadn’t been to a doctor in 10 years & one of her breasts had mysteriously caved in, a symptom that her mother had experienced prior to her cancer diagnosis. I insisted that she go to the doctor, no exceptions.

Although, her breasts appeared fine, the doctor was worried about “a couple of masses in her uterus”. The recommendation was to have a partial hysterectomy, a surgery that Alli surely couldn’t afford. I was able to take the time off & went to stay with her in Tennessee for two weeks while she on bed rest from the surgery. We cried & cried together. I was so angry with her for putting her life in such danger & not getting regular check-ups when cancer was such real possibility for her. The doctor seemed positive it was cancerous, but they couldn't test for cancer until after surgery. Her children were terrified. I was terrified. Alli was terrified. I just wanted that out of her body.

One week later, the results were in. They removed 30 tumors from her uterus. The amount of pain she must have been in for years & she never stopped anything. The kicker? All were NOT CANCER. She ran to me, screaming the news, I yelled at her for running when she was supposed to be on bed rest. We laughed & cried until 4 o’clock the next morning (see picture attached of that night).

I would love for Alli to receive a Peloton. The support of the Peloton community would be such a positive influence in her life. The strength that the instructors give during classes is exactly the push she needs to get active. I firmly believe that an active routine is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself. Please consider Alli as a Peloton Comeback recipient.



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