Daniel R.

California, United States

Active Military Resilient Leadership

Over 18 years of active duty Marine Corps as taught me the importance of resilience. Four of six deployments were served in direct combat operations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Most notable deployment that is known throughout the world was in 2010. The deployment with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines based out of Camp Pendleton, CA suffered the most casualties from any unit in the War. Fierce fighting was a daily occurence the units end result suffered from 25 Marines killed in action and over 180 wounded. The aftermath of this deployment from suicide to steadfast depression has been a constant reminder that every person deals with this differently.
In my case, i then served at Marine Barracks Washington who deals with other side of battle. This duty station is a ceremonial detachment in heart of our country that receives the remains of all service members killed in war at Dover Air Force Base. Additionally, we conduct funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. After serving two year in this ceremonial position, I was hand selected to serve as the platoon sergeant for the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon. This position is one of the most prestigious positions an enlisted Marine can hold in the Marine Corps. Two years of this duty, we would travel the entire country from coast to coast and perform a drill sequence in front of millions of spectators. From NFL halftime shows to performing the Invictus Games on ESPN live.
My story would wrap up with serving at the School of Infantry teaching the next generation of infantry Marines lessons learned throughout my career to better ensure Americas success. Due to 18 years of rigorous infantry training; I was recently diagnosed with a "Hip Labral Tear" that has limited my range of motion reduces my ability to run as often as i would like to remain healthy and fit. A Peloton would help me in so many ways due to my injury and would be consistent with being fit in my own home.
Thank you for considering my military service for this!


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