Daniel M.

Colorado, United States

Active-Duty US Army Soldier

Daniel is currently stationed in Afghanistan on a 9-month deployment and is scheduled to return to Colorado Springs in March 2020. Daniel has been in the Army as a career soldier for the past 14 years, and followed our father in his footsteps, who was buried at Arlington National Cemetery after 22 years of military service. Daniel could not be more deserving of a Peloton bike - 2019 was a very tough year for him as I was diagnosed with cancer and he sent me countless videos, messages and emails to support me through my cancer journey. He also helped me buy my own Peloton bike, so I could get back on the horse after my cancer surgery and build up my strength again. In addition to spending his birthday, all holidays, my cancer journey on his 6th deployment in a combat zone, we also lost our grandmother last month, and he was not able to attend her funeral. He is a single guy, who always has put others first through his military service and by volunteering countless hours in the community, and I would love to have him start his own exciting Peloton journey in 2020 after assisting me with the purchase of my bike and helping me survive my cancer diagnosis. Fingers crossed...


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