Ryan S.

Missouri, United States

3 small children, a brain diagnosis, an emergency heart surgery and homeschool.

I am writing to nominate a woman who has the strength, courage, fortitude and attitude that I have only seen embodied by a Disney princess (One of the new bada$$ ones, not the old sweet passive ones)

Ryan Scott and her family have walked a road of joy, heartache, more heartache and long suffering. Somehow, in the midst of it all, the world around them is confronted by a family marked by joy and unobstructed by obstacles.

Ryan and Andrew battled infertility, when one day they blinked, and in 2015 had a newborn girl and twin 18 month old boys. Life was hectic.

It was December of 2016 when they noticed something was wrong with their son Gray. It was a long road, but eventually he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Rasmussen Encephalitis. Gray's brain and 'normalcy' were at risk. But Ryan fought. She advocated. She sacrificed and gave all three kids the childhood that every child hopes to have.

In June of 2020 Ryan and her family were again faced with another heartbreak. Out of left field Gray was set to have a very unexpected heart surgery. The family rallied as they always do. Things were much more fragile in the times of Covid. Ryan, again, was a fortress for her family.

Gray pulled through. To us, he is Super Gray. His twin, Quinn and sister Sully are his biggest cheerleaders. Ryan is attempting to homeschool twin first graders and a kindergartner. She has speech therapy, constant doctors visits and home medicine. She is mom and wife and nurse and advocate and teacher and housekeeper and chef and therapist... and probably referee. For now she can't leave Gray's side.

Ryan told me this week that she dreams of a Peloton. "To have 30 minutes to do something for me seems like an impossible dream. The only way it would work is to have a Peloton. It would be like a mini vacation in my own home.".

We can't get you to Bali... But maybe we can get you to your basement.


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