Carol K.


16 years of caregiving for my Quadriplegic father!

16 years ago my father broke his neck in Hawaii boogie-boarding resulting in paralysis from the neck down. Carol has been his primary caregiver ever since. That includes all the daily activities like feeding, dressing, bathing, and everything else in between. Amazingly enough, she does all this with a smile on her face, for the last 16 years!

Aside from being a primary caregiver for her husband, Carol is the primary provider, mother of 4, high school varsity volleyball coach (leading a team to state finals several years in a row), Cancer survivor, Grandmother of 7, and that's just the beginning.

Over the last couple of years, my father's health has significantly declined, leaving Carol stuck at home most of the time and not able to live the active lifestyle that she would love to live. My mom and dad met playing volleyball and their relationship was centered around an extremely active lifestyle up until his accident. Although she will never admit it, Its been very difficult for her to not be able to give herself the love that she needs.

Today I was actually on a Peloton ride with Alex Tousant at my work and he said something that really inspired me, "Spread more love in the world". It sparked the thought that I should start saving this year to buy my mom a Peloton so she can have the active lifestyle that she wants while she is at home caring for my Father. This email hit my inbox a few minutes later and would love if you could help her on this difficult daily journey. Thanks for hearing the story!


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