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Who is eligible for a Comeback?

Any individual in the United States and parts of Canada may submit a story on their own, someone else’s, or an organization’s behalf. Peloton Bike Members may submit a story on behalf of somebody else or an organization. Please note that current Members with an all-access membership (Bike owners) are not eligible to receive a Comeback product donation. To view the full program rules, please click here.

How do I submit a Comeback story?

You can submit a Comeback story by clicking “Share a Story.”

Do I submit a Comeback story for myself, on behalf of someone else, or for a charity/organization?

You can submit a Comeback story for yourself, on behalf of someone else or for an organization. Please ensure you have the full permission of the nominee before submitting. 

How can I show support for a Comeback story?

If you’re a Peloton Member, you can sign in and show support by giving a heart to the stories, or even leaving a comment of encouragement!

How do stories get selected? What is the criteria?

Overall, Peloton is looking for stories that help reinforce our inclusive and diverse Member community and are seeking recipients that represent this diversity across, race, gender, geography, age, comeback cause and abilities, among other attributes. Potential recipients are in need of a catalyst (physical/mental motivation, convenience, support from a community or person) to help spark or continue their journeys. Stories should convey that Peloton has the ability to make significant positive impact on this person’s comeback journey. Potential recipients show resilience, learn from setbacks, and are seeking external support to drive forward. Potential recipients understand and anticipate the challenges ahead, but maintain a optimistic attitude and strong conviction to overcome.

How many stories will be selected?

Starting May 1, 2019, we are committed to supporting 50 Comeback stories each month.

Can I submit a Comeback story in a showroom?

Yes! Our showrooms will be happy to help you submit a story using our showroom iPads.

Does the Bike come with a Peloton Membership?

Product donation recipients will receive a Peloton Bike, a 3-year Peloton Membership, and the Essentials accessories package.

What happens after 3 years?

After the three year Membership period is over, the Comeback recipient will be fully responsible for the cost of the Peloton Membership at its then-current price (plus any applicable taxes and other charges). All subscriptions recur on a monthly basis until they are cancelled in accordance with the Peloton Membership Terms.

Are there any tax obligations if I’m selected as a Recipient?

If you lived in the United States and are selected as a Comeback Recipient, you will be required to fill out a W9 Form before receiving the Bike. Per our Official Rules, we will be providing a 1099 Form at the end of the year as required by the IRS. All federal, state and local taxes on the product donation are recipient’s responsibility. Consult your tax advisor if you have any questions.

Can showroom managers submit for someone on their behalf?

Neither showroom managers nor Peloton employees are allowed to submit Comeback stories on an individual’s behalf.

Do my chances increase of being selected if I resubmit my story?

No, we will not consider additional submissions.

Can I submit if I live outside the US?

The Comeback: North America accepts submissions from the United States and parts of Canada. The Comeback is also available in the UK - please visit comeback.onepeloton.co.uk to learn more about the program and submit a story. Please stay tuned to comeback.onepeloton.com for any global updates!

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